Millennial Moms, It’s Okay


Making a to-do list.Moms, especially millennial moms, feel pressure to take on everything and do it all well. For me, it is just engrained in my body that whatever I decide to take on, which is a lot, needs to be completed flawlessly. It is sort of like I am in competition with myself.

All of this said, today, I am finally getting this post written. I had so many ideas, started writing, and then deleted them. When I have a mental block, avoidance is the strategy I always resort to. To give me some credit, life is busy. My kids have a lot going on, but so do my husband and I.

But I realized it was okay. It is okay that I do not really have anything of substance to write about this month. I do not need to be perfect in every area of my life at all times. It is acceptable to have different priorities in different stages of life

As I grow deeper and deeper into adulthood, I know it is better to give your best to a few things rather than check the boxes to get everything done. This month my energy has to go toward supporting my husband in his career, helping my daughter at dance competitions, and working on getting my son speech and language services at school.

All that took focus away from my writing. So, while this piece is essentially about nothing, it is also about giving myself grace and not burning myself out. 


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