Mom’s Insecurities: A Poem


A woman covering her face in frustration.Do this, don’t do that.

Contemplate all outcomes;

Plan ahead.

Don’t let the kids fall,

But natural consequences work.

Be your best,

If you have time,

Which you don’t.

Slaps on your wrist if they break the mold.

Condemnation comes down swift,

Don’t lose your footing.

Reach for the stars,

As long as it fits in.

Say this, don’t say that.

Be there,

All the time.

Take care of yourself,

Also your family,

And parents, and the schools, and society too.

Don’t cause thunder,

Because lightning will come.

Choose happiness;

Find that state of mind.

Your family needs it;

Your family’s joy depends on you.

Set the stage,

With perfection.

The unfathomable reaches of dreams,

Bare the weight of it all.

Be beautiful, but not too much.

Keep up with the pace;

Competition is out there.

Slow down,

Enjoy the moments.

Find role models;

Be the role model,

But the teenagers won’t like you anyway.

Take a deep breath;

You got this.


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