5 Organizational Tips to Make Your School Year Smoother


A mom homeschooling her daughter following organizational tips.As a homeschool mom, we spend much time in our home. The only secret to success for our family is order. For me, an organized, clean home is a happy and functional home. Here are my five top organizational tips to make your school year more manageable.

1. A place for everything and everything in its place.

While I realize this sounds a little Mary Poppins, I know I am very triggered by clutter. When everything has a home, it’s super easy to get everything back in order quickly and even easier for the kids to help put away their own things. I love these clear bins from Target to group like things or toys. They stack, and you can clearly see what’s inside.

2. If you feel you don’t have enough space for something, you probably have too much.

Every time I feel like the house is starting to get cluttered, I do a purge. Just get it out of the house. Even if it sits in your trunk for three months before getting to a donation center, you got it out of your house at the very least.

3. Make a cleaning schedule.

If cleaning always feels like a chore, download a cleaning calendar, and you’ll know what few things to do every day, and your house will stay cleaner. Also, check out my 7 EASY cleaning hacks here.

4. Make some freezer breakfasts ahead of time to streamline your morning.

Whatever it is your kiddos may like, from egg sandwiches to french toast sticks to muffins, so many things can be batch-cooked ahead of time to make your mornings more efficient. It’s not only healthier but will also save you money and make you feel like a super mom.

5. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

All good things take time, and organization is no exception. Organizing is a learned habit, and always remember that all progress is good progress, so never stop making those small changes because they add up.

What organizational tips can you share?


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