How to Host a Pie Party


pie partyTwo things you should know about me: I love parties, and I love pie. This year I decided to combine my two loves into one fun holiday event: A Pie Party!

The holidays should be fun, right? I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am being pulled in so many different directions this time of year that sometimes I don’t feel like I can possibly squeeze in one. more. thing.

In the interest of multi-tasking, a Pie Party will let you get one thing checked off your holiday to-do list AND let you hang out with your nearest and dearest friends a little too! Bonus points for being able to show up with a homemade dessert for your next family gathering! There is something magical that happens when you get a group of women in the kitchen. The recipe for this party is pretty simple: a cup of girl talk, a dash of food and drink, and a heaping spoonful of delicious homemade pies filled with love!

Guest List

This year, I’m planning an adults-only evening event. But, I can easily see transforming this party to include your pint-sized bakers … one day…maybe.

Above all else, this party should be FUN! So, make sure you plan your guest list appropriately. Save the idle chit-chat for your mandatory holiday gatherings {I’m looking at you Work Party.} Surviving Thanksgiving is tricky enough that I have an entire plan of attack on how to get through hosting a family meal with a toddler in tow. Part of that plan now includes my Pie Support Team! Invite friends who can bring something to the table, even if it’s just the gift of great conversation.

Recipes| Ingredients | Supplies

Pick your recipes well in advance; this way, you can divide and conquer your supplies and ingredients.

I find that this is a great use of social media- it really saves on having to follow along chains of group emails or texts. I have a private Facebook Group that I use to iron out all the logistics and pick and share recipes. We also share a Pinterest Board for a little pinspiration.

I recommend making no more than three pies: an apple, a pumpkin, and something else that you would like to try. Maybe someone in your group has a fantastic recipe they want to share, or maybe it’s time to finally try that pecan pie you’ve been staring at on Pinterest.

Light Nibbles | Cocktails

You’ll want to fuel up your guests with some light nibbles. If your Pie Party is in the morning, you can serve bagels and bellinis. If you are gathering the girls in the evening, you can pick a pie themed cocktail (this Brown Butter Rhubarb Cocktail sounds dreamy…), and have everyone bring their favorite finger food.

Whatever you decide to serve, everyone will leave with a pie (or two), they can proudly call homemade. I can’t wait to share with you what we made.

Pie Party

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