Shopping Ideas for Busy Moms


Clothing hanging in a boutique.Remember the days when you could go into the city, spend the entire day roaming cool boutiques in Soho, and come back loaded down with bags containing the perfect looks for the date with that new guy, your friend’s birthday at that cool new bar, and a wow ‘em work outfit?

Well, guess what? Those days are over. If you are reading this blog, you are most likely a busy mom who has no time to get gorgeously dressed for work, no need to look hot when you’re spending a lot of time at home covered with various child-related smears, and no reason to get a new date night look when date night involves watching a movie with your hubby on a Friday night in your PJs.

Not that there is anything wrong with the above scenarios – it just means you need a different kind of wardrobe and a different way to shop. No clue how to go about building a post-baby wardrobe? Here are some resources that can help.

Personal Shopping Without Leaving Your House

There are some great sites out there that can help you build the perfect wardrobe that suits your life and needs, and you can build that wardrobe while breastfeeding, cooking dinner, or after the kids are in bed. If you need new things but don’t know where to start, check out these ideas.


Professional stylists pick out items you’ll love based on your profile and even suggest some options you may not have thought of. You then receive a box of handpicked items, out of which you only pick what you like and can send back the rest—a great idea for working moms who don’t have time to build a work wardrobe. You can continue getting boxes of handpicked items as often as possible!

Keaton Row:

Much like Stitch Fix, Keaton Row is an online personal styling site. You fill out a profile and are connected with a stylist who “gets” you. The stylist then creates a lookbook filled with different head-to-toe outfits customized just for you based on your needs. You can even get help with accessories if you are looking for that perfect mom bag.

Mom Style Sites


This is an online boutique with stores in the Midwest. The site offers pieces specifically curated to fit a mom’s ever-changing lifestyle. Think of a style that’s fresh, fun, yet functional for your crazy days. It’s a one-stop shop for mom-friendly fashion!

One-Stop Store 

Lou & Grey:

My suggestion for a great wardrobe is one where every piece goes together yet is still functional and fashionable. This is a side store of Loft. You could cultivate an entire wardrobe that will go anywhere just by buying a handful of their pieces.

Amazon Fashion:

You can find anything you are looking for shipped to you faster than anywhere else. From loungewear to wedding guest dresses to accessories, you can find it all. Check out some of our favorite finds.

Shop Pinterest

Finally, you can find some awesome ideas just by spending time on Pinterest. I have copied outfit ideas head to toe!

Where do you go to shop when you have the time? Leave a comment!


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