Showing Appreciation to Teachers From a Distance


teacher appreciationMay 4-8 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, maybe more than ever, it is important to show our appreciation to teachers during this crisis. 

I truly believe teachers are doing their best with distance learning, and teachers deserve to know we appreciate all the work that is going on behind the screen. You may be wondering what you can do since children aren’t physically going to school. Below is a list of how to show appreciation to your child’s teacher, if you weren’t already provided ideas from your child’s PTA or PTO.

As a room parent for my daughter’s class, I’ve seen so much by volunteering at the school when I can. In addition, as a former classroom teacher, it makes me sad that teachers won’t be able to see their students during this time and receive special pictures or cards. So, this year, things will have to be a little different and done virtually. In no particular order, here are some ideas to help your child show their teachers appreciation from a distance:

  • Send a favorite poem, or if your child is old enough, have them write one for the teacher.
  • Draw a picture of something the teacher would enjoy.
  • Use chalk art to write a message to the teacher.
  • Write a letter (e-mail) expressing appreciation.
  • Send virtual flowers or a nature picture.
  • Record a short video clip of child expressing why they appreciate their teacher.
  • Send an e-gift card if it’s within your budget.
  • If you’re a tech-savvy room parent, you could create a picture collage or video for the teacher by working together with the whole class.

Please do what you can to thank your child’s teacher(s), because they do miss our children, and wish things could go back to normal, just as much as we do.

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Clara is a part-time working mom that lives in Trumbull, CT. She and her husband, Joe, were high school sweethearts that began their journey in Upstate NY (think capital region part of NY). Together, they moved to Fairfield County in 2006, after college graduations. Clara will forever hold the magic of Disney in her heart, as she and her husband got engaged in Epcot Center in 2010. She married Joe on a cruise ship in 2011, with 60 close family and friends in attendance. Clara is the proud mommy to two girls Abby {Sept 2013} and Sofia {May 2017}. In addition to being "Mommy," Clara is an Early Childhood Consultant. Outside of her two jobs, you may find her on a cruise, or traveling to New York to visit family.


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