Simple Activities to Save Your Sanity when Snowed In


As everyone was clearing grocery store shelves in preparation for the blizzard, I was fretting about something beyond survival.  If we were going to be stuck inside for days on end, possibly without electricity, how in the world was I going to entertain my three kids?  So along with stocking up on water and batteries, I searched for simple, non-electronic activities that would keep my kids happy and my sanity intact.  Since I knew they were going to be begging to play in the snow all day (and that their outdoor play would last less time then it would take to get them all dressed), I thought I would theme our activities around our wintery weather.

Crazy-Easy Indoor Snow

Why I love it:  It only takes two ingredients, which you probably already have in your cupboard.

What You Need:  3 cups baking soda and ½ cup hair conditioner.  You also need an array of random toys to play with in the snow (we opted for Play-Doh tools and Mr. Potato Head pieces).

What You Do:  Mix the two ingredients together, add in toys, and let the play begin.

Simply Delicious, Snow Ice Cream

Why I Love It:  I can’t think of a better use for all the shoveled snow. Also, the kids think it is quite the adventure to collect freshly fallen snow and bring it inside to eat.

What you need:  1 can sweetened-condensed milk, a touch of vanilla extract and a bucket/gallon of (clean) snow.

What You Do:  Mix everything together until creamy.  We found a whisk to work perfectly to break down the snow.  Top it off with sprinkles and devour.

A Foam-Man Snowman

Why I Love It:  The kids can build and rebuild their foam snowman in the warmth of the indoors.  The accessory making provides an additional creative outlet. The kids kept brainstorming new and exciting items to make out of the colored foam. 

What You Need:  Foam sheets, scissors and a little water.  I bought my foam sheets at Wal-mart (the large white ones were 33 cents each and the multi-color pack was $5).

What To Do:  Cut out three large, white circles for the body, brown twigs for arms, an orange carrot nose, and any other items you think your foam man (or woman) might need.  I was doing this with my daughter so of course we made earrings, scarves, a purse, and flowers.  I also made a basketball, baseball cap, and top hat for my son.  Once your accessories are set, wet the back of each foam piece (we use a small cup and a paintbrush) and stick the foam man on a window or bathtub wall.  Since the possibilities were endless, the kids played for hours taking turns building different snowman. 

Thankfully, the blizzard fell short of its dramatic expectations, but we still had a blast trying out these snowy activities.

What did you do to keep warm and entertained?




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