5 “Stay In” Date Night Ideas


Life gets so stressful sometimes. It’s nice to take it easy and relax at home!

Let’s be real, not everyone has the budget to constantly go out on a date. And if you do go out, you spend around $80-$100 for babysitting, in addition to the cost of your meal and tips. If the food was mediocre or the person next to you was a pain, then was it all worth it? So if your babysitter/nanny is sick or grandma can’t watch this kids, here are a few options that might be worth exploring.

Dessert, Massage & Candle-Light Bath

We all have our favorite desserts, this could be homemade, store-bought or picked up from your favorite restaurant. Then light some candles (even tea-lights work), scented or unscented, to set the mood. Stop by your local dollar store as well, you might be surprised by what you can find. 

An at home spa date can be very relaxing and romantic without the high price tag. Slip into comfy spa style robes and slippers. Make your own face masks and body scrubs or buy them pre-made. Draw a bath for two and drop in a nice bath bomb. Fill a pitcher of water and infuse it with cucumbers and mint or other infusions. This is a great stay at home date night idea to do on a Friday night so you can start your weekend feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Roast S’mores in the Backyard or Fireplace

This date night will only cost you a bag of marshmallows, a candy bar, and a box of graham crackers. You might even have this all in your pantry already! If you have a fireplace or fire pit then make some s’mores with your loved one. Raid the stash you have been hiding from the kids, that way when you say it’s all gone, that’s the whole truth and nothing but.

Cheese & Fruit Plate and Wine Tasting

You can name a few places where the cheese boards are really great. The only problem? It’s considered an appetizer and costs around $20! Create your own board with your favorite cheese, nuts, grapes, and some wine and that saves you a trip to a fancy restaurant. Don’t forget the wine, lots of it!

Movie Night 

To make movie night more fun, each person can pick a movie and you can have a movie marathon! Curl up on the sofa or make a pallet on the floor out of cushions. Pop some popcorn, turn the lights down, and enjoy the show. The latest movies can be found on Red Box, On Demand or Apple TV.

Take Me Back

Recreate your first night out, as your date night in! This may be slightly challenging (more so than the other date night in ideas). Figure out a night to recreate that special date at home and reminisce over your favorite parts of the night together. This night will be delightful and not filled with awkward pauses and fidgeting like the first date may have initially started out as. Another idea is to write a letter to your significant other telling them what was so special that first night. Have them read it while you sip a glass of wine or you could read it to them, this makes for such a romantic treat.

Maybe you have your own ideas, perhaps even a routine date night in once the house is in order and the little ones are sleeping. I would love to hear what some of those ideas are. 


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