Five Summer Styles to Have On Your Fashion Radar


I have a love/hate relationship with summer fashion. I love the simplicity of slipping on a dress and flip-flops and being ready to go, but I hate bathing suit season. Luckily, as the years pass since I last gave birth, I appreciate my new normal-post-babies-body and feel pretty comfortable in my skin. I hope all you mommies feel the same, and if you don’t, it will come.

As we quickly phase into summer heat in Fairfield County, here are five summer styles to have on your fashion radar.

1. One-Shoulder Tops

This style can work with tank tops, dresses, and even swimwear. I’m seeing it all over! I like a one-shoulder top because it can be worn over either shoulder. Feel so light and cool for summer.

2. Summer Whites

This is a style continuing from spring, as I wrote previously. Keep it going with white jean shorts for summer. They work for a day at the beach, a date night, or a picnic. I’ve been wearing mine (above) for any occasion.

3. Sporty Girls

Sports styles are in ladies! Think tennis, golf, and athleisure outfits. I love this because these styles are the height of summer comfort and work for anyone who isn’t even playing any of these sports.

4. Cut-Outs

I do not have a picture to share of this current trend. These are styles that have side holes, a keyhole in the middle of your chest, a back cut-out section, and those types of things. I’ve tried a few options, a dress from Target and a swimsuit, but they weren’t working out for me. Lots of other ladies have rocked this style and look great. I think it’s a matter of finding what works for your body type. The items I chose just accentuated my love handles. Yeah, let’s not do that.

5. No Shorts Club

I see you ladies; I know you. There is an increasing number of moms joining the no shorts club for whatever reason. I’ve been there, not wanting anyone to see above my knees, and sick of the lack of inches on the inseams of shorts for women. I feel this way for my daughters; who is designing these shorts? Not moms, I’m sure. 

If you are in the no shorts club, you have lots of options this summer. Some of the spring styles I wrote about work here, like midi dresses and gauzy styles. They will keep you cool. Loose linen pants are great options! These feel comfortable even on a hot and humid day.

What I’m loving for summer are kimono/cover-up styles. They work over your shorts to cover more skin and work over your swimsuit for beach/pool days. The patterns and styles are endless here! 

I chose a skirt cover-up style for this year. I bought my step-mother-in-law a black and white kimono from Amazon, and she loved it. Kimonos look great with a belt too, if you are at the beach and want to go into a restaurant and need more coverage.

What are your favorite summer trends?


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