15 Local Influencers You Should Be Following


Someone scrolling through Instagram. The accessibility of information and entertainment we have these days amazes me. Not sure what to make for dinner? There’s an account for that. Not in the mood to cook? Scroll through all the local favorite restaurants. Looking for something fun for the kids this weekend? Here’s a list of local activities happening in your neighborhood. From parenting advice to lifestyle or just something funny, a social media influencer is out there to satisfy your needs!

To help connect you to some of my favorites, I’ve rounded up a list of 15 local influencers in and around Fairfield County, aside from FCMom203

1. Kat Can Cook

Kat Ashmore is a local Fairfield County mom who is a professionally trained chef, worked for the iconic Martha Stewart, and took a break from her corporate job in 2019 to become an SAHM. She started sharing some of her favorite recipes and has broken the internet a few times (lettuce chip gate) with her delicious yet healthy “Hungry Girl Salads,” kitchen tips and tricks, and other life and lifestyle advice. Plus, she just released a book that is very allergen-friendly!

2. Diane Morrisey

Diane, a local Trumbull mom of six, started her career as a caterer, worked for Wole Foods, and now has a book in the works showcasing her family-friendly comfort foods. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, these delicious meals are often budget-friendly and perfect for families of any size. She recently started showing more of her personal life in caring for her elderly mother, the loss of her father, and her travels around the world!

3. Jules Denby

Julie is notorious for loving spooky season, but her page will give you all the feels for every season of the year here in New England. From cute decorating inspo to visiting our favorite local spots, Julie will have you excited for every season of the year. She’s also a mom who often shares some parenting humor with a little one that every mom can appreciate. Pop over to her page for the coziest vibes!

4. Paige Souza

Paige is a fan favorite of some of our contributors who post about everything mom life. As a stay-at-home mom of two, you’ll find parenting tips and tricks, ideas for the kids, and everything in between. She is super relatable, and we love following along with another mom on this wild parenting ride!

5. Melissa Fairhurst

As a pregnancy and postpartum therapist, Melissa supports moms navigating postpartum and beyond by offering tips and advice and encouraging moms to get the help they need when they need it. As a mom of three, her content is relatable and lets us know that we are not alone in going through all the trials and tribulations of mom life.

6. Lemon Stripes

Julia brings us along with her adventures in style, motherhood, healthy living, travel, home decor, and family life. Her website perfectly captures what she shares with her followers in that her goal is to make you smile daily and talk about real topics honestly, something that she hasn’t seen being done in the world of blogging very often.

7. Brunch with Babs

Babs calls herself the “internet mom/grandma you didn’t know you needed” and has taken the nation by storm with her enthusiastic attitude and practical recipes, parenting, and lifestyle tips, along with cute ideas for the kids. She has collected hundreds of recipes over the decades and has curated the top 100 recipes for your family occasions in her book, Celebrate with Babs. Babs is the mom and grandmother we all love and need in our lives! 

8. Pure Joy Home

A mom of three kids, Liz Joy covers so many topics, including clothes, home decor, kids, and beauty. She and her husband are partners in a clothing line and an inspiration to all those mamas looking to follow their dreams. She provides great fashion and home decor hacks and shares great recipes.

8. Hey Stamford

Don’t be dissuaded by the name, Hey Stamford covers more than just local Stamford news. Founder and creator PJ Kennedy is a Stamfordite, born and bred. I love following his IG account and getting the weekly emails to keep myself in the loop of all things Fairfield County-related.

9. CT Sprinkles

Besties Jenn and Blair started an IG account to document their favorite local spots, which has grown significantly over the years. We love to follow this page for our next date night, brunch, or girls’ night out.

10. Ranch & Relaxation

Thrifting enthusiast Sarah is passionate about being resourceful, budget-friendly, and reducing her carbon footprint. As a Thrift Ambassador for GoodWill, she posts her favorite thrift finds, most of which are designer and in new or new condition. Sarah also shares her vegan recipes and non-toxic homemade cleaning and home hacks!

11. Meeting Your Magic 

New mom, Kiera left her corporate job in the beauty industry to follow her passion in Human Design. She posts about various energy types that often have you saying, “That’s totally me.” Think astrology meets energy type. She’ll give you all the positive vibes and inspiration to make it out on the other side! 

12. Best of CT Moms 

As a mom of two, Genie recently decided to start homeschooling, which (if it’s not your thing) can also give you plenty of fun ideas for child-friendly yet productive and educational activities. She’s a former model with a great sense of humor that you’ll see come out along with her husband. You’ll find her exploring local spots, regularly giving back to the community, and hosting fun parent-only and family-friendly events! 

13. Mommy Poppins CT

Mommy Poppins CT is my go-to for local events and things to do. Every weekend, she posts a round-up of “what’s happening,” making it easy for parents to keep their little ones entertained. She finds unique and fun spots and destinations great for activities, day trips or even weekends away. 

14. Two Modern Mamas

Autumn and Stephanie are two modern mamas and friends. They both strive to be the best versions of themselves. They discuss everything mamas need to know to survive a new cultural generation with old-school expectations from society. We love how relatable and unfiltered their content is. They aim to build each other up and make you smile.

15  Westchester County Mom

Yup, our NY neighbors are owned and operated by the same owner as Fairfield County Mom. Westchester County Mom is a locally-focused parenting resource for moms and families. Passionate about parenting and the community, Westchester County Mom strives to connect area moms to relevant resources, local businesses, can’t-miss happenings, and most of all — each other!

Who are your favorite local influencers to follow?


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  2. Thank you so much for including me amongst these amazing others! An honor and privilege to serve my fellow sisters in motherhood along the wild ride were on together!💜


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