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twinsDid you know that almost one-third of the Fairfield County Mom contributors are twin moms!? Being a parent of multiples certainly is unique and has its challenges, but it is also extremely special!

In honor of National Twin’s Day this weekend, hear from our contributors about their experience having twins and being twin parents:

Michelle: mom to 7-year-old boy/girl twins

“My favorite part of having twins is the love they have for each other, which is unlike any other sibling bond. They still fight like crazy, but make-up quickly. As they’ve gotten older, they’ve made their own friends and have their own interests. However, they always check in with each other and miss each other when separated. Also, since my older son is only two years older, they are all so close in age that they go through a lot of the same stages at the same time.”

Emma: mom to 4-year-old identical twin girls

“Being an identical twin myself has given me such a unique perspective raising my twin girls. I have such comfort knowing that my daughters will always have each other for their entire lives, no matter what life throws at them. Though as a parent, the work sometimes seems tripled, I love watching them grow together and the special bond they share.”

Jamie: mom to 3-year-old boy/girl twins

“I have to admit that positive isn’t always the first to come to mind when someone asks what it’s like to have twins. [However], I love that as they have gotten older, they refer to each other as twins. They know they have a special classification together. They also keep each other in check. He reminds her to do the things she should be doing, and you can always hear her calling his name to remind him what he should be doing.”

Meghan: mom to 7-year-old boy/girl twins

“My boy/girl twins were born on the same day as my husband. My daughter was baby A and is still bigger than her brother. My favorite thing about being a twin mom is having one pregnancy, and two kids at the same age. We get double the friends and double the fun. They always have someone to play with, and this year’s remote learning was so much easier because they were on the same reading levels, math levels, etc. [My husband and I] continue to have fertility issues, and the twins were such a godsend to us. Even though I want more, we were blessed with two, and we are so grateful to have them and that they have each other.”

Melissa: mom to 18-month boy/girl twins

“My favorite part about being a twin mom is watching them discover their world as a team, give each other hugs, or even just calling each other’s names. It’s all so heartwarming and sweet. And, also, the giggles I get when people ask me if they are identical.”

Charity: mom to 3-year-old identical twin girls

“When they are with me, they are always a topic of conversation. I just don’t ever get sick of talking about them. Also, I just love having a little science experiment everywhere I turn. Identical twins share 100% of their DNA, but it’s so fascinating for me to watch them learn, grow, and interact because they are so completely different and have vastly different strengths! I also don’t think they look identical. I always wonder if other moms of identical twins feel the same! But the hardest part of being a twin mom is you’d think everything would just take twice as long because there’s two of them, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything takes exponentially longer because as soon as you pull one out of something, the other one is in it. Then you pull that one out, and the first one is back in it. It’s a vicious cycle at times!”

Kate: mom to 5-year-old boy/girl twins

“I love that my kids have a built-in playmate, especially during quarantine! And I loved only having to be pregnant once!”                                                                                          

Caroline: mom to 4-year-old girl/girl twins

“The best thing about having [twin girls] is that they entertain each other and seem to always have each other’s backs!        

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Emma is a stay-at-home mom to her identical twin daughters, Charlotte and Grace (born March 2016) and her son Crosby (born July 2019). She currently resides in Fairfield with her children and her husband Mike. Emma is originally from northeastern CT and worked and lived in Stamford and New York City as an attorney until her daughters were born. Though she misses certain aspects of city life, there really is no better place then living by the beach. When she is not being hounded for snacks or trying to pry her kids off the highest point of the playground, she enjoys going out with friends, trying new restaurants on date nights, binging Bravo and staying active.


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