What’s in Your Beach Bag, Mama?



Summer is upon us, mamas! We are so fortunate to have some beautiful beaches to enjoy right here in Fairfield County. Beach days are the best days in terms of keeping kids entertained and contained, with the added bonus of encouraging a good night’s sleep after running around in the sun all day. I’ll be juggling a baby and a toddler this year so I’ve already started thinking through what I need to have on hand to make our beach days enjoyable and stress free.

There are a lot of good tips out there, including FCMB contributor Jana’s beach must-haves post from last summer. I’m sure the experienced mamas out there probably have their beach routines down pat, but if you are still searching for things to throw in your beach bag or trunk, check out these suggestions.

1. A portable playard so you have a place for babies to lounge, play, nap, etc. I have this one in my Amazon cart. 

2. Keep babies cool with a battery operated clip-on fan and a spray bottle full of fresh water. 

3. Packed lunches, all the snacks, and lots of cold water. Of course, don’t forget some treats for mama too. I’ll be tossing a few of these canned wines in our cooler and bringing along a large Yeti Rambler full of water that will stay cold all day. 

4. Beach chairs for the adults plus these awesome toddler chairs that have an attached umbrella.

5. Waterproof outdoor mat. We have this one and it’s fantastic – foldable/portable, lightweight, and easy to clean. 

6. All the beach toys. This year, my kids’ Easter baskets were beach pails filled with new beach gear, including a new shovel/sand castle set

7. Sand removal supplies like talc-free powder (for dusting on feet) and a soft-bristled hand-held dustpan (for brushing off powder and any remaining sand before getting in the car).

8. Last but not least, the usual suspects: bathingsuits, floaties, towels, sunscreen, hats, and water shoes – of course! – for all. 

What’s in your beach bag?

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