What’s a Sleep Consultant?

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What’s a sleep consultant?

Simple, I help little ones learn to sleep. It seems like a funny thing to say, “learn to sleep,” but that is my job, and it’s been the most rewarding career I’ve ever had. 

Some of you lucky mamas out there were blessed with good sleepers right out of the gate…I was not so lucky. Being pregnant for the first time can be totally overwhelming with all the unsolicited advice you have to wade through during those nine months. My favorite tidbit that was often thrown my way was, “Sleep now because you’ll never sleep again.” Was that even true? Could it really be that bad?

My little guy arrived, and it was nothing like I had envisioned. All those Instagram posts of moms with their hair and makeup done after giving birth or a beautiful breastfeeding moment or a sleeping baby didn’t even come close to my reality. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was over the moon for this new little guy. He was our rainbow baby and the little person that finally made me a mama…but it was still really tough.

Now, fast forward 4 months. Here I was, a first-time mom, with my beautiful little boy that wouldn’t sleep more than 15 minutes at a time! I didn’t know where to start and stared blankly at my Google search and the ridiculous amount of information on how to fix my struggle. I just froze. Which method to choose? Am I a bad mom if I pick the wrong one? Who’s going to answer the 1000s of questions, and what happens if it doesn’t work?

Guys, it’s crazy overwhelming! This method, that method, CIO (what does that even mean). DWT, wake windows, schedules to follow. It was too much. 

That’s when one of my best friends suggested, “Why don’t you hire a sleep consultant?”

I remember thinking to myself (and I’m sure most parents have the same reaction) I’m going to pay someone to help get my kid to sleep? Yea, okay. I’ll just wait, and he’ll grow out of it. All new babies struggle with sleep…right? Then we hit rock bottom. I was awake almost a full 24 hours, and at that point, I’d had enough. 

So, I reached out to this AMAZING mompreneur and told her my story. I could tell she was smiling behind the phone as said, “The good thing is, I’ve handled situations like this, and you are not alone.” Just hearing that I wasn’t alone, instantly made me feel like less of a failure. Other parents were in the same boat, and immediately I felt a sense of relief. This wonderful human was going to save us. 

We worked together for 2 weeks and, by night 5, our little dude was sleeping through the night! I couldn’t believe it either! With our sleep consultant’s support and guidance, we were able to improve our nighttime routine, fix the dreaded night wake-ups, implement a schedule that worked for our baby, and teach him how to fall asleep independently. If I could put a value on the whole experience it would most definitely be priceless. The skills we were able to teach our son during sleep training have carried him through milestones, teething, regressions, bed transitions, and even potty training! He is the BEST sleeper, which makes him a happier kiddo and makes us a happier couple.

So happy in fact that when my little lady came along, I knew that with a little consistency and practice, we could teach her the same great sleep habits. (Let’s be 100% clear, the pacifier was our best friend with this kiddo. Just goes to show that even trained sleep consultants have weak moments too!)

What I learned most of all is sleep training doesn’t mean you have to give up snuggling, nighttime feeds, or late nights with family. It doesn’t mean you have to be pushed to an uncomfortable level when it comes to hearing your little one cry. What it does is help to discover your child’s natural schedule, gain back control of bedtime, help your child learn the value of sleep, and teach them good sleep habits for life.

After completing the program, my girlfriends couldn’t believe I was putting my son to sleep on his own without a struggle and were always asking for tips. Cue my amazing husband, “Why don’t you go get certified? I think this might be what you were meant to do!” 

That was all I needed to make the jump and become a certified sleep consultant. The best part of the job is working closely with each family to create a personalized plan for their child. No pre-determined schedules or pushing a parent outside of their comfort zone. Just guidance and support to help moms and dads teach their little ones how to sleep. 

I’ve helped frequent night wakers sleep through the night in just 3 nights, I’ve helped early risers hit that 7:00 a.m. mark, I’ve helped the “non-napper” learn to love sleeping again, and I’ve helped anxious mamas find calm in a more predictable sleeper. It has truly been the most rewarding job I have ever had. 

If you are struggling with your little one and their sleep, I promise you, this is an investment worth every penny, and I am here to support you along the way. 

From one once-tired mama to another, 

Here’s to a good night’s sleep.

Corey Cenatiempo is the founder of Dreamweaver Sleep Consulting and the mom of two Sleep Sense™ graduates! Corey and her husband were amongst those sleep-deprived parents out there wondering if their child would ever figure out naps and sleeping through the night. That was when they were directed to an amazing Sleep Sense™ consultant who insisted she could help their little guy learn to sleep. This program saved their sanity as their little guy began to sleep through the night after only two nights on the program!

Following their success with the program, Corey knew she wanted to offer the same support to other parents with little ones who were struggling with independent sleep. It is her privilege to give you the knowledge and tools to bring a good night’s sleep back to you and your family. If you or anyone you know is in need of a good night’s sleep, check out www.dreamweaversleepllc.com or email Corey at [email protected] for more information!


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