Best Reading Accessories

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A woman reading on a Kindle.I rekindled my love of reading shortly after I graduated college. I had a new commute to work, and The Davinci Code by Dan Brown and My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult got my interest going again after all the studying. Then came Jane Green’s books (a Fairfield County resident) and, of course, Twilight and The Hunger Games. I may not be the fastest reader, but reading has become part of my daily routine. 

The birthday before I got married, I requested a Kindle as a gift, as I still had a decent commute. It was the second generation, and I was in love. My Kindle lasted 11 years and got me through the newborn days and hospital stays. I loved that it didn’t have a backlight. Since it didn’t have a backlight, it needed some accessories that would be used for a regular book too.

I’ve been using a Kindle for almost 13 years now, and I wanted to share some of the best accessories I’ve come across to make reading a little more comfortable.


  • The Neck Light is great if you like to read in bed and your bedmate doesn’t want the light shining in their eyes while they try to sleep!
  • The Clip-On Light is another great way to use light at night. You can clip it to your book, and it’s very compact.

E-Reader Remote

  • The E-reader remote works on a variety of accessories and can help keep your body stay in a comfortable reading position. 


  • The Book Seat lets you place your e-reader, tablet, or print book on it and will keep them secure. It also doubles as a travel pillow!
  • Ugg Dawson Pouf is great to put my Kindle on so that I don’t have to hold it. The pouf also has a little pocket for other accessories.

Bookmarks & Cases

  • These magnetic bookmarks are great to have since they won’t fall out of your book, and you won’t lose your place.
  • Lastword bookmarks let you put a marker on the last line you read. This is great if you unexpectedly get interrupted.
  • These stand-up Kindle cases are great for use at the table or coffee shop!
  • Booksleeves are great for protecting paperbacks and hardcover books and keeping the pages neat.

Now that you have all the accessories and are ready to get reading, be sure to browse some local bookstores or your local library and give them a little love. Happy Reading!  


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