Five Fall Fashion Must-Haves


Summer is ending, the school has started, and it’s almost sweater weather. Plaid flannels will always be in style in autumn, in my opinion, but as with any year, we come across new styles to bring us into the season of hiking, sitting by the fire, and visiting our favorite pumpkin patch.

Here are five fall fashion must-haves that are perfect for busy moms.

1. Western Boots

Let’s start with the feet! Western styles moved into the fall fashion scene the last couple of years, and they are back in full force this autumn. I am not a fan of fast fashion, styles that come in and quickly leave. I was initially hesitant about this style because I didn’t think it would stick around. It’s here. I’ve had my western-style boots since late winter, and I’ll be in them a ton this autumn. My pair is from Free People. Full disclosure from this mom in her mid-40s, I put arch supports in them.

2. Loafers

One more talk of the feet, but hey, as moms, we are always on our feet! Let’s think back to those later 1990s, the penny loafers with a thick sole. I had a chunky black pair I wore everywhere, especially with my little plaid skirt (also in style with the kids right now!). I love the versatility of a good chunky loafer; even as the weather gets yuckier, they still work. I went with a leather pair and sprayed them with weather protectant spray. I know they will last a while. Mine are from Madewell. As it gets colder, you can certainly wear them with socks.

3. Blazers

I love when a style works for anyone. I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I love blazers. If you are a working mom, this is also perfect for you. An extra layer to elevate your style. I chose a neutral one from H&M. I wanted it to match with everything in my closet. I wore it casual above, and a work look below. Hot pink seems to be the color of the season. My best guess is because of the Barbie movie coming out, but I’m seeing it everywhere. My skirt is a Target purchase from years and years ago.

4. Monochrome

Outfits all one color make style easy! Not much to think about; it matches. Toss on that blazer if you need extra warmth. I’m wearing sandals here, but this will work with my western boots when it’s chillier out. This fall fashion trend can be a matching set, a romper, or matching pieces that aren’t even the exact same shade but are close. I currently have a one-piece jumper in my Nordstrom bag, awaiting a sale price. My skirt set below is from a small online boutique based in NYC, StyleNMotion.

5. Vegan Leather

This one isn’t for the faint of heart. Vegan leather leggings have been in style the last few autumns/winters, but now this style has been elevated to looser pants, vests, skirts, dresses, you name it. I mainly reserve this one for date nights but below is from last autumn when I wore my leggings on a random weekday, and it worked out fine for me!

A few more fall fashion trends for you to mention, shackets and jeans. Shackets are shirt/jackets that generally look like a button-up but are thicker. They have been around for a couple of years. I own two plaid ones and will happily wear them again this year. Perfect for a nice day on the pumpkin patch!

As for jeans, in my opinion, any jeans work any time of year. I wrote about white jeans being popular in the spring, which continues. I believe any fit of jeans, whether it’s straight, bootcut, wide leg, etc., depends on you and what you are comfortable in. Rock any pair you want as long as you like it. Be cute for you!

What fall fashions do you love this year? I’d love to know. 


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