Forever Friends


Friends holding hands.My oldest friend recently got married.

She is by no means old, but we have been the best of friends for almost 40 years. Spending time with her and her family made me realize what a unique treasure that relationship is. Having someone who has known me all my life and is still by my side is a gift and something I cherish most.

I am so thankful to have a small group of girls I have known since birth or shortly after. The people with whom I laugh the hardest, who call me out when needed, and who support me, no questions asked, are the people I have been lucky enough to have known since childhood.

As we met in the early elementary and middle school years, mostly common interests or older siblings started the relationships. We quickly became each other’s confidants and wanted to grow up fast and do all the cool things we saw our older siblings experiencing. 

We survived low-rise jeans, big bangs, and middle school drama.

We have navigated some of life’s greatest moments and some of its biggest losses together. There is comfort in friends who have known you through the biggest moments in life. They see who you are at your core; those values and beliefs keep you close as the years tick by and the miles grow between you.

My lifelong friendships can pick up right where we left off. No matter how much time has passed, it is as if we still live in the same small town or saw each other just the day before. Friendship that can stand the test of time is above all else. 

As I spent the weekend in the company of people I have known all my life, my heart overflowed with love, nostalgia, and wonderful memories. 

Whether friends have been in your life forever, since college, or only a few short years, to know that you have people who love you completely and support you fully is a good feeling. 


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