Mama, You Are So Important


A mother holding her son's head.As I was driving down the Merritt on the way to our Fairfield County Mom headshots and group photos, alone, ahead of schedule, and only five minutes from my destination, I received a frantic phone call from my husband; “You have to come home NOW!”

“Wait, why? Is everything okay?”

“No, Ezer gashed his head open, and it won’t stop bleeding.”

I eyeball the dead-stop traffic on the North side of the highway, and my heart sinks. “I’m in Norwalk. It will take over an hour to get home, but I’m turning around now. Apply pressure to his head to stop the bleeding.”

In the longest hour of my life later, I rush through the door to see my boy, no longer bleeding, smile up at me. “Hi, Mama.”

“He’s fine,” I told my husband. “The bleeding stopped,” as I picked up bloody blankets.

“I just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if he would need stitches or how to stop the bleeding,” my husband replied.

Here’s your reminder for the day mama; you are so important. There is something uniquely special about you that no one else can replace. A special smile creeps up on your children’s faces that only you can bring out, and a peace that only your hugs and presence can give.

The power and love of a mama is exponential. It explodes into every area of your home and can be seen in every corner, and that stems solely from you. Never underestimate your value, and remember that you are so important.


  1. This. Is. Everything. Moms always know what to do even when we don’t know what to do. It is such a magical, amazing, yet exhausting and sometimes thankless job but I wouldn’t have it any other way


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