Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal yoga.I firmly believe in the positive benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Most of the time, I run, swim, or strength train, but I am always open to trying new things. There is one form of exercise that I have dabbled in over the years but never really committed to until I became pregnant.

With all the aches and pains accompanying the joy of growing my baby, I knew I needed to find a way to ease my body’s strain. Sore hips, aching feet, and a stiff lower back are just a few of the pains that my body was experiencing. An easy search on Google led me to try prenatal yoga.  

Given my past lack of commitment to the exercise, I was hesitant but willing to try anything. I started with a prenatal yoga video online. I could tell immediately that this was exactly what my body needed. It felt great.  

After a few at-home yoga sessions, I decided I would be much better off in a class with an instructor who could guide me. The benefits were amazing. I felt more relaxed and had fewer aches all around. I even found myself sleeping better. In fact, the advantages of prenatal yoga extend way past just feeling good.  

  • Yoga helps to open your hips for childbirth.
  • Yoga teaches you great breathing techniques that can be used during labor.
  • Yoga builds strength and stamina, which are both extremely helpful during labor.
  • Yoga helps with balance, something pregnancy throws off.
  • Yoga calms the nervous system and relaxes you.
  • Yoga introduces you to other moms.

What did you do to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy? 



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