March, It’s You Again


leafless trees

Welcome to March! I’m not going to lie; I struggle with March. It is my least favorite month of the year. I’m at the stage of wanting spring to dance its way in and add color to the world, uplift my spirits, and I can return to spending more of my time outdoors. Patience in spring’s arrival is not my virtue. So, March, it’s you again; let’s do this. Let’s tackle late winter with these ideas.

Get Outside Anyway

Yeah, yeah, I know, an easy one to say. Kids need fresh air and likely get some at school, but we need it too. A walk around the block or local lake, take small hikes with the kids and set up the back deck furniture now. We usually wait until around May, but I want the table ready for impromptu crafts, meals, or coffee breaks so we can grab that fresh air on a whim.

I just bought my family a new clear giant umbrella to get outside even in the rain. My kids always loved splashing in puddles, and even though they are older now, I still go splash out there in my wellie boots.

Take Advantage of Local Indoor Fun

I admit I’m not so great at this, and I am trying. Intentional family fun time is always a good idea. There are lots of indoor activities and even several fun free indoor places in Fairfield County! 

Get Pampered

This is something I added to my March schedule some years ago, and it has helped me tremendously with seasonal depression. I book a massage, a facial, get a manicure and pedicure, buy a nice bottle of wine to enjoy (or your favorite drink/snack splurge), and buy something new for the spring. Last year I scheduled a free stylist at Nordstrom to help me pick out a few new spring outfits. Even a new pair of sneakers can give you a pep in your early spring step.

Grow Something

An activity that is also great for the kids is to plant some seeds to get ready to garden. One year we picked up a few cheap random containers from the thrift store, got a bag of garden soil and a few of our favorite seeds, and the kids and I watched lettuce, snap peas, tomatoes, and peppers start to grow during the month of March. Even just some flower seeds get the kids excited. It’s great for teaching the kids patience while reminding us we need to resign to the fact that spring will come; you wait.

Start a New Hobby

A new pursuit sounds daunting to me, but maybe just the thing to help pull a person out of a seasonal slump. It can be any of the above, like walking or running, gardening, or even just reading. I’ve been hand-crocheting chunky blankets for over a year now and have to remind myself to sit my butt down and make one because I know it relaxes me.

Focus on The Positive

I know how my outlook has a major effect on my mood, my day, and thus the life of our family. A year ago, I wrote about My Hopeful Blankie and am happy to report I’ve been resolute in my convictions that everything will work out for me. It’s alright to cry and feel and then know the sun will shine again. The clouds will part. We all carry our weight in the hail of life’s ups and downs; focus on the rainbows.

My ideas here are for a general lack of patience for gloomy weather and a yearning for spring. If you or someone you love shows signs of seasonal affective disorder, it’s best to talk to a doctor for professional ways to handle it. 

How do you feel about March?


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