Sweaty Mom Summer


A woman sweating.Summer and high temperatures are upon us, which means one thing: uncomfortably sweating through until October. Personally, I’m a fall girlie; I need a light sweater and 60-degree weather. Since I don’t live in Canada, I will be outside this summer sweating while running after my kids with the rest of you. Here are my top tips for my fellow sweaty moms.

1. Bike Shorts

Have you ever been spending a beautiful afternoon at Mystic Seaport in a breezy sundress and suddenly felt like you needed to waddle to keep your thighs from attacking each other? Just me? This is a very specific example, but we’ve all been there. Bike shorts under dresses are the best choice for the hot months. This serves two purposes: avoid chafing and have more freedom of movement without worrying about showing too much. I recommend these.

2. Anti-Chafing Stick

This is a recent discovery for me during my running journey, but an anti-chafe stick has versatility beyond exercise. My favorite is Megababe, and I carry it everywhere. Between the thighs, under the arms, or anywhere else, this adds some lubrication during the sticky season. Also, in a pinch, this helps on the beach for those sandy emergencies.

3. Deodorant

The real kind. Please. Click the link, stop worrying, and stop sweating so much.

4. Baby Powder

Cornstarch-based baby powder under the boobs. You’re welcome.

5. Portable Fan

Get two for the stroller. One for your kids and one pointed directly at you. You can even go old-fashioned and pretend you’re a Bridgerton with a paper fan.

6. Or…Just Stay Inside

Air conditioning is a beautiful gift during the summer months, and sometimes, rather than sweat it out, plan a movie theatre day or indoor museum day with the kids.

Good luck to my fellow sweaty moms this summer. May your drinks stay cold and your upper lip stays dry.


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