Summer Lovin’: Reconnect With Your Spouse This Summer


A couple taking a selfie.It is summertime, and I don’t know about you, but the warm weather and sunshine put me in a better mood. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with your spouse and try to integrate some flirty new things into your relationship. Here are five tips for summer lovin’, busy mom style.

1. U up?

Flirty text messages are not just for the youth! Have some fun with emojis or send an impromptu meme throughout the day. Something to break the monotony, get a smile out of your spouse, and connect throughout the day.

If flirting via text message is not for you, checking in with your spouse may be more your style. A simple text saying I love you or I’m thinking of you is a great way to connect throughout the day, especially if you have busy jobs or don’t have time to chat. 

2. Day Date

During the colder months, we want to hibernate. During the summer, there is no shortage of fun things to do during the day. Switch up date night by making it during the daylight hours. Take some time off together during the week or get a sitter on the weekend and make a day of it.

Some ideas are a trip to the beach, a winery or brewery, an outdoor ropes course, or just a nice restaurant with outdoor seating.

There are endless possibilities. Sometimes with a date night, you’re both tired from a day of work, kids, everything! With a day date, you have the energy to focus on each other. 

3. Dress to Impress

As someone who loves fashion, I focus on what I feel comfortable and sexy in when I go out with my spouse. I never thought to ask him, “Hey, what is your favorite outfit that I wear?” The answer may surprise you!

My husband’s answer is, “Grey v-neck t-shirts.” Yes, the $7 ones from Target that you wear on a casual afternoon. Who knew?! There are also a few “going out” outfits that he mentioned as well. 

While it’s important to dress for comfort and style, it’s nice to rotate in those favorite outfits, especially for a special occasion or when you want to get their attention—an extra way to flirt without saying anything. 

4. What’s your love language?

Have you and your spouse taken the love languages test? It’s a short quiz that tells you what you respond to in a relationship and what is most important to you. 

For instance, acts of service are one of my love languages, and my spouse takes this to heart when flirting and doing nice things for me. Recently, I returned from an overnight trip with my oldest, and I came home to a house so clean that I asked if he had our cleaning service come by. Making sure I didn’t have to go home and clean up is basically high-level flirting in my book. 

Find out your spouse’s love language and do something they’d like out of the blue.

5. S-E-X

When asking my friends what their biggest tips were for reconnecting with their spouse, the answer was clear: SEX! Sex and intimacy are extremely important to any relationship, especially if you feel you need to reconnect.

You can take an intimacy challenge, schedule sex, try a toy in the bedroom, or make sexy plans using tip #1 (eggplant emojis encouraged). 

Reconnect and have fun! Comment with your favorite way to reconnect. 


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