What Exactly is Human Design?


A woman looking at herself in the mirror.Everyone plans the new year to be a time for new beginnings and positive change with an opportunity to start fresh. This past New Year, I found myself with my world turned upside down. My dad passed away early in the year, which trickled down a wave of changes and transitions in my personal and professional life.

I felt a wave of anxiety rush over me and started contemplating what I wanted my life to look like as I was forced into this new norm. 

See, I am one of the fifth generation family members to enter our family business. Over the years, our business landed in my father’s hands, who then passed it down to my sister and me. He was truly the epitome of a family patriarch. 

Losing a parent is devastating in its own capacity, but not only was he my father, but he was also my business partner. When you experience grief, it can change your whole perspective on life.

I found myself staring blankly, wondering if what I did even mattered.  

One night, a very good friend who had recently moved to Norwalk, CT, from the city invited me to dinner. She has always been a sounding board for me. She is one of those unicorn friends who knows you inside and out. She had recently gone through a transition, having leaped from corporate life to focus on the theory of Human Design.

Aside from something about energy types and manifesting, I never entirely understood Human Design. That night, I shared with her all the thoughts swirling through my head and tried to make sense of it all. Couldn’t someone write a roadmap on what I was supposed to do next? She offered to look up my Human Design chart, which helped clarify how I was feeling.

Human Design is a blend of ancient modalities and modern science that offers a blueprint of who you came to be in the world and how to use your energy best to fulfill your purpose. You need your birth date, birth time, and location to generate your human design chart. This chart tells you a plethora of information about your personality traits, talents, and more. 

To simplify it, we were meant to interact with the world in five energy types or ways. My type is a Manfiesting Generator which about a third of the population falls under. As I read through what exactly this means, I found all those scattered thoughts starting to make sense. 

Manifesting Generator’s energy is more multifaceted; we are here to gain shortcuts to mastery, learn very quickly, and then move on to the next. As a Man Gen, we are not meant to follow a linear path (which goes against everything I have ever thought or believed). It is ok to follow multiple paths knowing they will eventually meet and connect. 

I’ve always described myself as a jack-of-all-trades rather than a specialist in one specific area. The part of me that I’ve thrived in is the ability to wear multiple hats instead of being boxed into one specialty – perhaps my stairway to success is more of a spiral, meaning my success doesn’t always appear linear. 

Each energy type has its own strategy, which is how they’re designed to exchange energy with the world. For Manifesting Generators, our strategy is to respond to life versus initiating or enforcing. Essentially, I am responding to what’s around me through my gut. 

Think of a time when you were asked to do something you love, such as a girls’ weekend away from your obligations as a mom or wife – you may feel a flutter of excitement in your gut, and you may lean in and want to learn more. That feeling is your Sacral Response responding positively to what you want deep down.

Lastly, we looked at my daughter’s chart type, which was interesting to learn about how she responds and makes decisions. Interestingly enough, sometimes, two charts may balance each other out – creating an unspoken bond but certainly felt. 

Understanding my Human Design has allowed me to trust the process and myself that I do have the answers within me. 

Have you heard of Human Design?


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