Graduation, A Poem To My Child


A graduate facing towards a set of stairs.My child,

Each life milestone evokes rejoice,

For you, for me. Connected spirits.

Every accomplishment highlights your growth,

For time allows seeds to bloom into flowers.

The heartaches and hard times provided us with water to propagate,

For change is inevitable.

Maturation requires light and dark.

My heart piece, enveloped in a soul,

The wind now blows towards new paths.

Flowing like dandelion petals,

Life drifts around me and fades from view, moving out of sight.

Your view shines with ambition and color.

Roads without footprints, not absent of rocks, will be yours to take.

Skip, dance, and cry at destiny,

Towards fate unknown, daunting, but optimistic.

The hope I fill up with that I know stretches on forever,

Forever yours.


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